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10 Awesome Food Bar Ideas for Your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

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13 Nov 10 Awesome Food Bar Ideas for Your Puerto Rico Destination Wedding

Everyone loves a good food bar, and when it comes to a destination wedding, the best way to wow your out-of-town guests is to offer an on-theme food station that really plays up the setting of your big day and lets your personality shine through. Puerto Rico is a rich, colorful, tropical island with no shortage of delicious foods and stunning natural beauty. Not only can a wedding food bar offer a glimpse into local favorites, it’s also a creative way to get your guests up and moving around, making them more likely to mingle, chat with one another and enjoy themselves. It’s far too easy for guests to stick to their table and the people they know during a more formal plated dinner. If you want them to get the full experience of your Puerto Rico destination wedding and everything the Caribbean island has to offer, a themed food station with fun, local eats and treats is a great start.

Our Favorite Wedding Food Stations

1. Olive, Bread and Charcuterie Station – Easy to serve and even easier to eat, a meat, cheese and olive station is a wedding food bar staple.
2. Baked Potato Station – Baked potatoes are delicious, savory and filling, and a baked potato bar is a simple yet satisfying start to any wedding meal.
3. DIY Taco Bar – With an endless number of options to build your own taco, this is a great food bar option for a mixed crowd with different food preferences or dietary restrictions. Include chicken, steak, beans and ground turkey with a variety of toppings and your guests will love it.
4. Pizza Bar – Seriously, who doesn’t like pizza? Either offer a “create your own pizza” station, or, a simpler option, several different ready-to-go pies, including a gluten-free pizza or two, and you’re all set.
5. Mofongo Bar – A Puerto Rican classic, mofongo is made with fried plantains and is traditionally served with chicken, steak, fish or pork. Your guests will love the opportunity to try this local favorite!
6. Pinchos Station – Another great way to introduce your guests to traditional Puerto Rican fare is to create a food station with pinchos, a “fast food” staple similar to a kebab that typically features small pieces of marinated and grilled meat on a skewer, with a piece of bread on the end.
7. Donut Station – Donut walls have become an insanely popular wedding trend, but you don’t necessarily have to go to the effort of building a pegboard wall to make your donut station a huge success. Attach vertical dowel rods to colorful bases, pile on some fancy donuts, add some fun “Donut mind if ‘I do’” signage, and your simple donut bar is sure to please.
8. DIY Ice Cream Station – We all scream for ice cream, right? A DIY ice cream station is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your wedding dessert station, with glass dishes holding all manner of colorful candy toppings.
9. S’mores Dessert Bar – S’mores are always a crowd favorite, especially for outdoor weddings. Set out the ingredients in decorative containers, light a nearby fire, and let your guests help themselves.
10. Flan – A truly unique dessert, flan is a rich, creamy custard-like dish perfect for any special occasion, and a little bit of this sweet Puerto Rican treat goes a long way.

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